Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why I Love My Haircut

1. Five inches off + tons of thinning = 10 pounds off my head.
2. I can just fall back on my pillow and go to sleep without adjusting my hair over and over (this was the biggest annoyance).
3. No more ponytail pain, for this week at least.
4. The stylist did not cut herself and bleed on my hair, unlike the one from last year.
5. It looked cute, even my students said so. Unfortunately, it doesn't look so great anymore since I washed it and let it air dry.
6. But hey, it was FREE!

This is what it looked like from the back, which is all I can show you because I am highly allergic to pictures of my face that are not obstructed in some way. If you think this doesn't look impressive, you should've seen it before. It was basically a big mass of frizz tied up in a ponytail.

What my hair looked like a few days later, after it flattened a bit. On the first day, the husband said that my shirt was too ugly. Also, our kitchen background with dangling pots was too ugly. This from a guy who was sitting down while taking pictures of me standing up. Nostril and booger shots, anyone?

We finally found a more suitable background a few days later. In front of Costco.

P.S. Yikes, I am slouching so badly!

P.S.S. The sunglasses don't look that great, but they were FREE. Same goes for my sweatshirt, pants, and shoes.

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