Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Boy and His Sister 2

The hardest thing about homeschooling is surprisingly not the school work itself but dealing with distractions. Like, for example, when your baby brother crawls into your lap, grabs the pencil, and scribbles all over the paper.

Then proceeds to wad it up and throw it on the ground
Or pester you with a book until you finally give in and read to him


Gayle said...

Hi! I found your site through BlogHer. Your kids are so cute. I like that you've captured such precious brother/sister moments!

Anonymous said...

Ahh how cute. Sis and Bro bonding. Some of your other kids need that not these two

Anonymous said...

Yo, that wasn't your baby sis that made that comment. I'm innocent. The blog is very cute; i just hope the sis is getting a good enough education especially since she's so smart.

Anonymous said...

You're kids aret he cutest. I wish my son treated his little sister like that!
-- Kelli