Monday, October 26, 2009

A New Beginning

First off, I apologize. I'm so very sorry for dropping off cyberspace suddenly without a word. I realize that my dear readers, all three of you, wondered if I perhaps died. Not quite but I'm sorry if I caused anyone to worry.

At this point, I have to physically force myself to quit apologizing, because otherwise the husband will ask,"why do you keep apologizing?" He is very sensitive about me apologizing, ever since he saw some news report about how women are too nice and apologize over nothing, whereas men are abrupt, rude, and never admit when they're wrong.

The only time when he doesn't come down on me apologizing too much is when I'm apologizing to him.

Also, I'm not supposed to say,"I'm sorry" when apologizing because it carries the connotation that I'm admitting more than what I did wrong. As in, "I'm a sorry excuse for a human."

The reason I have been MIA is because I started homeschooling my son. I had expected it to be hard, had tried to prepare for it, had prayed about it, and still, I was blown away at the challenges I faced daily.

My son loved and hated homeschooling. He hated the schooling part, but he enjoyed all the free playing time with his toys. I loved and hated it, too. We struggled everyday with one thing or another. These daily battles took so much out of me that at the end of the day, after schooling my older daughter, driving the kids from lessons to practices (on time), preparing for and going to work, researching different ideas to engage my son for the next day, and coming up with ideas for dinner, nothing remained of me except carnage. Most certainly I did not have enough to put two sentences together on a blog. I considered putting up one sentence, "kids are driving me nuts, don't have mental capacity to blog anymore" but was afraid that would really get someone to sic a government agency on me.
Who, me? What'd I do?

Last week, we put our son back in public school. It was an agonizing decision, especially for someone who is as wishy-washy as me, but
God is unbelievably good. He not only gave my son the most incredible teacher, but also gave him lots of friends. He has friends from last year, from soccer, church, and Boy Scouts. God has surrounded him with good people. As an extra bonus, I get to communion daily with the wonderful moms in our neighborhood.
First day of school shot, 1.5 months late

Best of all, I'm back, Baby!