Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Baby!

I have to jot these things down because he's changing so fast. Every day he's exchanging some of his baby sweetness for toddler tantrums. It is like watching Jekyll turning into Hyde.
  • Each day I have to pick him up and let him play with the security console on the wall. He loves to flip the panel and push the buttons. While he's busy doing that, I kiss him the whole time. If I stop, he leans his face toward my lips.
  • While I'm doing the dishes, he'll walk around the house, pick up spare sippy cups and bottles, and bring them to me. Then he'll pull up a stool, climb on it, and talk to me. The conversation is all babytalk and not very scintillating, but still.
  • He and his 4 year old sister are very competitive. One thing they like to "win" at is to be the last one to kiss me before I leave. When I say good-bye, they come running and alternate kissing me until someone drags them away crying. Because of this, I'm even later to everything than usual.
  • In the morning when he wakes up, if someone else opens the bedroom door for him, he slams it in their face and waits for me to open it instead. After his nap, he refuses to come out of the crib unless it's me lifting him out.
  • He loves to wrap his arms around me possessively and declare "My Mommy!" He's my sweet boy, all right.


Anonymous said...

Ah, man. He's a Mommy's boy alright. You better quit babying him otherwise he'll grow up to be a pansy!

Anonymous said...

ahh he looks so cute. this is much more like it. who wants to see your list of stuff. He is already a mmommy boy. My little boy I think is daddy boy