Friday, November 7, 2008


Week 3 of my new schedule has just ended. I think that's sufficient time for me to say, my life is insane, and I do not ever want to do this again. I am gone 4 days out of the week teaching.

students are starting to think I am the laziest instructor ever, because I tell them, no I do not have time to post this slide online, just copy the dang thing down. Or, no I will not photocopy your study guide, just download it and print it out yourself. And finally, heck no, I am not assigning an extra credit report because I don't want to waste time grading some report that was plagarized from the internet.

Thankfully, we are in the home stretch. We will be starting Ecology which is infinitely easier than Photosynthesis. Ecology is otherwise known as the Duh Unit because it's made up of principles like this: when one species of prey declines, the predator switches to another prey species. Anyone who has any amount of common sense can figure out ecology. Except that commo
n sense is not very common.

Interestingly enough, my mother-in-law met one of my students in the library. When my MIL saw the student studying, she went up to her and asked her what subject she was studying. Nancy replied, and of course my MIL then said, "oh, my daughter-in-law teaches that." So then they find out that I am indeed Nancy's instructor. Immediately Nancy bombards the MIL with questions about me, so much that my MIL clams up. She apparently wanted to know my age and weight amongst other things, because she told my MIL,"she's so young and trim." By the way, Nancy is a grandmother.

Now she's calling up my MIL on the phone and talking about who knows what, although I've told my MIL that me and the family are off limits as conversation subjects. Let's just hope that my MIL actually listens. Meanwhile, I face the unprecedented dilemma of flunking my mother-in-law's BFF.

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Anonymous said...

flunk her. hheeeeheee. anything to do with your mother in law flunk her. why is she going to this class if she is grandma?