Thursday, April 30, 2009

8 Things

I've been tagged with "8 things." Actually, I think she tagged another Pam, but what the heck, how many Pam's are there out there anyway.

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. The semester ending for work
2. The next novel I'm going to read
3. Our family vacation, which I'm supposed to be planning right now
4. My next trip to Target
5. Mother's Day because I told them to get me ice cream instead of a birdhouse
6. The Baby being potty-trained because I'll finally be diaper-free
7. My children being baptized
8. Sleep

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Figured out how to do one of these chain questionnaires on Facebook, with help from a friend
2. Made up 3 quizzes for my classes
3. Helped daughter with homeschooling
4. Called the husband multiple times to bug him
5. Surfed on the internet
6. Cut my daughter's hair
7. Washed dishes (very important, must do)
8. Went to work

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Cook
2. Spend more time with friends
3. Not be the bad guy to the kids all the time
4. Spend more time with God
5. Organize and clean better
6. Play the guitar
7. Stand up straighter
8. Fly

8 Shows I Watch on TV
We don't have any TV channels, only videos & dvds
1. Bob the Builder
2. The Land Before Time, Part 5
3. Kung Fu Panda
4. Veggie Tales
5. The Incredibles
6. Cars
7. Monk (on Hulu)
8. Friday Night Lights (also on Hulu, to reminisce about my Texas years though they sucked)


Jennifer said...

You had me at 'My next trip to Target'...

Veronica Lee said...

Those are 8 aw-summ stuff of you. Please grab the aw-summ award for your awesomeness from my blog.

Helene said...

And I thought I was the only one who looked forward to their weekly trip to Target! I love that place!!!!

Great list!!!