Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Future of America

Newsflash about college students...they are sex maniacs. But then who isn't?

Last week, during the genetics lab, the students had to simulate having babies with someone. A lot of giggling, a lot of innuendos, too much fun considering the subject. More giggling when I explained the prefix homo means same, as in homosexual and homozygous, and hetero means different, as in heterosexual and heterozygous. I seriously need to come up with other words with these prefixes.

This week, we're doing a lab on asexual and sexual reproduction. While discussing the pros and cons of each, one guy yelled out that sexual reproduction is funner.

Then they had to simulate sex by swapping fluids in a test tube. Afterward, I tested their tubes for "STD." You can imagine how this exercise went. There were so many lewd remarks, I thought we were in the men's locker room. From the intensity of cheering at negative results, I also conclude that college students have real difficulty distinguishing what is real and what is pretend.

I can hardly wait till next week, when they have to watch live sea urchin sperm fertilize eggs.

Actually, the real culprit here is the author of the labs. Because he has way overestimated the maturity level of his students. And he's obsessed with sex. But then who isn't?


PoLoverLorna said...

after so many years, it's still the sea urchin fertilization, huh?

Helene said...

Oh man, it had to be hard for you to keep a straight face!! You must have gone home that day and had a nice, strong drink!

Fearless Mom said...

yes, the urchin fertilization is a classic, but i don't remember simulating sex in any of our labs. even intro biology changes with the times.