Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democrats Unite

How about them DNC speeches? I'm not even a Democrat, and I want to vote for them. Kennedy looked remarkably well for a guy who killed a woman and got away with it. Of course he had to cite John F. Kennedy. You can't have a Democratic Convention without ushering forth the spirit of John Kennedy at least 3 or 4 times. In fact, next time, they're just going to have JFK himself give a speech via old footage on the big screen. That way, the DNC can milk him for all he's worth. I also predict that they will do the same to Teddy, who will be dead by then.

It's amazing how powerful the Kennedy name is. So powerful that intelligent people in California voted for some bodybuilder just because his wife's mother was a Kennedy. If I ever wanted my kids to go into politics, I would officially change their last name to Kennedy. At the very least, we would get some speculation as to their ancestry (everyone knows their philandering ways), which ought to be good enough to get them elected. Of course, I would rather get poked in the eye and scrub a million men's restrooms before I'd let my kids go into politics.

I was very impressed with Michelle Obama's speech. Now here is a classy lady, at least judging from her clothes and speech. Who knows, she may have hidden tattoos and curse like a sailor when no one is around (eg. Hillary Clinton), but I seriously doubt it because some yahoo would have surely posted the footage on YouTube already.

It says a lot about Barack, that he chose her as his wife. I've met a few men who are very intelligent, only to have picked the worst possible woman when it came to one of the biggest if not the biggest decision of their lives. Their brains apparently lapsed (overcome by another anatomy part) and finally recovered after years of unhappiness that ended in divorce.

Take John-John, for example. You have to wonder what he was thinking when he dated SJP (that would be Sarah Jessica Parker for the uncouth) and Madonna. Except if you were a guy, then you naturally thought he was a lucky son of a gun. He did a little better when he married, but still, Carolyn vs. Michelle? A model and Calvin Klein employee vs. a lawyer who worked in healthcare. I'm sure Carolyn was very nice and all, but Michelle transcended normal niceness to serve the public. Carolyn may have been smart in the ways of men, but Michelle is smart in all other ways. It's clear which husband was smarter here.

Here's another example: Donald Trump v. Bill Gates. Just by looking at their wives (and their hair), you can guess which is the smarter guy. This is not to say that guys have to choose either looks or brains, because there's plenty of women out there with both. Like you or your wife, for instance.

In summary, I like Obama for President. This is solely based on who he picked as his wife. Also, the fact that he is better looking than McCain and is not old.

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