Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pregnancy #4

I'm waiting for the insurance authorization to come through to schedule the ultrasound, you know, the one that looks for the tell-tale weewee. We definitely want to know so that we can get ready. Since I gave away all my infant clothes, I have to know which friends to hit up for old clothes and also if I have to save girls’ or boys’ stuff. I was thinking about not finding out and being truly surprised for once, but Kevin gave me too many practical reasons. He reminded me that our oldest was a surprise because she was never in the right position during the ultrasounds. Still, we might keep it to ourselves, like how the celebrities do. Except for the friends I'm hitting up for clothes for and also the family members who would kill me if I didn't tell, of course.

I haven't even told everyone about the pregnancy yet, but here is a taste of the comments that I have gotten so far.

1. Are you guys Mormon?
2. Are you guys Catholic?
3. I can't believe you still do it.
4. You'll be so old when you finally retire.
5. You're crazy.

Gee, I can hardly wait to hear the comments once people see me actually lugging the 4 kids around.