Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yet More Proof that I've Lost My Brain Cells

Ever since we got that truancy letter from my son's school, I've been very careful to wake him extra early so that we don't wind up late. I tickle him, bribe him, threaten to take him in his pajamas, and sometimes literally drag him out of his top bunk.

Digression Warning: This reminds me of my high school days when I had to wake up my sisters and drive them to school. It took much yelling and shaking to get my youngest sister up. We started off every single day fighting and mad at each other, then when I picked her up, it was like nothing happened. Except it would happen again the next morning. Good ole days.

Anyway, so this morning I went through the usual song and dance with my son. We finally left the house right when school's supposed to start, which I thought would be all right since the teachers always bring the kids in a little late (can't say I blame them). But when we got there, no kids, parents, or even cars pulling away could be seen. Uh-oh, this meant we were really late. We rushed to the front office to get a late slip, then hurried to class.

As soon as my son looked inside his class, he knew something was wrong and came back out. I'm thinking, what is his problem, and dragged him into the class. Another kid was telling my son, it's okay, even if it's not your time yet, it's okay. I'm wondering what the kid is talking about. That's when the teacher came over and told me that I was early, that his late kindergarten doesn't start for another hour.

The class looked at me like I'd lost my mind. And I had. So we're off to an auspicious start to the day. I wonder what else the day will bring. I think I'm going to pray now.


Lady Christie said...

That reminds me of the time I got my kids up and ready for school when there was no school.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least he wasn't late for school. You should trying pinching his nose and closing his mouth or slapping him like my eldest sis did to me.

Tess @ Six Feet Under Blog said...

I've jumped out of bed to get everyone ready and realized it was Saturday.