Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I know I've been MIA lately. I'm on pseudo spring break at work, just off from one school. While we can't physically go on vacation because the kids are still in school, my brain has already taken off. Hence this post.

1. The girls had another awesome game on Saturday. My daughter let in one goal as goalie but blocked a couple of crucial plays as defense. She took a big ball to her stomach and stepped in without hesitation during her quarter off when her coach needed her to. So proud of her.

2. There is something wrong with the fact that my younger daughter can wear her underwear sideways...and it still fits decently. What does it say when her waist is the same size as her thigh?

3. My crazy son got another award at school, for being quiet in the library. What is this world coming to? Not only that, but he got all but one perfect mark on his report card. I swear we are not those kind of parents. He just enjoys reading.

4. For my friend's recent birthday, I gave her a book that I really wanted for myself but was too cheap to get. Turns out she just bought the book herself and had started reading it, so she gave me hers (my gift was an autographed copy). Now we're going through it together. Cool how that worked out.

That's all the snippets in my brain. Sad, I know. Yet somehow I have to muster enough brain power to teach about protein synthesis later. Oh yay.

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Anonymous said...

You've got to feed my daughter! It's not good that she's so skinny! And cleary Chubby is good boy and just needed some cultivating. Keep working at it. And don't forget to fatten up my daughter or else I'm taking her away from you!