Monday, March 2, 2009


Over dinner the other day, my parents grilled me about my marriage. On one hand, it's kinda sweet because they clearly have an attitude that the husband is not good enough for me. On the other hand, I wish they'd let it go, as we've been together almost 16 years already.

They asked me if I would take back the husband if the husband ever cheated on me. I didn't even have to think about it. I immediately said yes. Actually I wanted to say that the husband would never do anything like that, but then my mother would just give me example after example (it is rather scary how many examples she has) where a certain person thought it would never happen to her but it did. I figured she wouldn't quit until I gave her an answer either way.

They were completely displeased with my answer. Now they think I'm spineless and wimpy, that I'm completely "whipped," as the commitment-phobes say.

What surprised me is the husband's response when I relayed the conversation to him. Of course he was offended that anyone would even remotely think he would do such a thing. But then he told me that I shouldn't take him back in that situation because at that point he would no longer be himself. He would have lost his right mind, and I should just take the kids and run.

In other words, he would become insane before he ever cheated. Is it any wonder that I'm utterly whipped?


Chris said...

Sometimes being whipped isn't such a bad thing. It's sad your family would have such a conversation with you. You love him for a reason.

Anonymous said...

Egad! That's disgusting! I gotta go puke now.

Anonymous said...

Being whipped is a sign of commitment and in terms of marriage, isn't that a good thing?

PoLoverLorna said...

by definition, being 'whipped' means to lose all autonomy in a relationship. yay for being deeply, madly in love with your partner. boo for being whipped.

Fearless Mom said...

anonymous (you know who you are), you are even more whipped than me! maybe i should include some stories about you, heh heh.