Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Scary But True

Yesterday I did my bimonthly volunteer stint in my son's kindergarten class. Once again, I was in charge of the students completing a phonics worksheet. And once again, I have renewed respect for teachers. I walked away from school in shock. Because I see now that the teacher wasn't kidding when she raved about my son being well-behaved and doing his work well. I never thought I would be saying this, but he is one of the best students of his class.

That just shows how unruly the rest of the class is. Anyone who has spent any amount of time around my son knows he is no angel, that he is what they call "strong-willed." Out of all my kids, he is the one who requires the most attention. Imagine my surprise yesterday when he completed all his work without any help, nagging, or scolding, then went off to play quietly on his own with another kid.

Whereas I had to finally separate these other 4 boys because they were goofing off so much (pretend fighting or maybe real fighting). One boy wanted me to help him answer every blank and another kid would not sit still to do his work. I later found out he can't write very well so of course he didn't want to do his assignment.

Then these two girls got into a little tiff, and Jennifer finally apologized to Kayla but Kayla refused to accept Jennifer's apology so Jennifer got mad all over again and spat on Kayla, whereupon Kayla started crying. Jennifer explained to the teacher that "I get mad a lot because I have a lot of problems, " but the teacher gave Jennifer a time-out anyway so Jennifer started wailing too. Just another fun day at school.

I'm confused now. I may have readjust my entire thinking about my son. Except that when he comes home, he is nowhere near like how he is in school. Homeschooling 2: Public School 2.


Anonymous said...

Kids sure do learn how to deal with people in school, don't they? There are all kinds of personalities and situations that they experience. =:o

Anonymous said...

He seems to be doing much better now that he's in school. It may be the structure that he gets there and not at home. It may have also been a phase that he went through but has now grown out of. It could also be all the work you guys have put in him is finally paying off. Keep giving him the attention and discipline he needs. I think he's coming along quite nicely. He's a good boy.