Friday, March 27, 2009

16 Years and Counting

The husband and I celebrated our anniversary this week. 16 years of being together, 12 of those years in marriage. Dang that is a long time. I'm happy to say, we are way better now than when we first got married. That's because we were stupid and immature before. Luckily, marriage followed by parenthood has matured us. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for marriage, but believe me, I'm glad I no longer have to dress up and wear makeup just to impress someone. Not that I ever did.

To celebrate our anniversary evening, I went to work. The husband cooked, fed, and bathed the kids. Yippee. I bought him a chocolate ganache cake because he loves chocolate. He came home early from work to spend some time with me and washed the dinner dishes so that I wouldn't have to stay up after work doing them.

It doesn't sound like much but with four little ones and two clashing work schedules, it was all we could manage. We may do something later, unless we forget or life gets busy, in which case we won't. Anyway, after 16 years, I've learned it's the little things that mean the most. And yes, I have experienced big things.

I mentioned this last year, but I think it again. By society's standards, we started off with nothing: no money, no job, no home of our own. We had our meaningless college degrees (eg. Bachelors in Biology), two supportive families, and most importantly, the love of God. Now, together, we have everything.

Except for the digital SLR camera and laptop.


Cant Hardly Wait said...

Congratulations. I got to 2 years and took off running.

Jennifer said...

Oooh. The SLR would be a most excellent anniversary present, don't you think? And you guys could share it! ;-) Congratulations on your 16 years of marriage! Here's to 16 more!

Anonymous said...

I do not know how you can tolerate him for 16 yrs. i can barely tolerate 8 hrs. I wanna see some pics. You are writing to much stuff