Monday, November 3, 2008

The Soccer Scoop

It's time for the highly anticipated soccer game recap. Except I did not go this week because the game was at 8 am, and I did not have the heart to drag all the other kids out of bed. We knew beforehand that the other kids would sleep in and that one of us would have to stay behind. I debated having the husband stay behind while I went to the game, but in the end I let him because he missed last week's exciting game. That's the kind of tough compromise a marriage is made of.

Of course, I quizzed them to death when they returned. We won 2-0, so it clearly wasn't as nail-biting as last week's game. More importantly, my daughter stopped 3 balls as goalie, which is awesome. There is nothing worse than watching your daughter let in a goal. As a mother you think, it is all her fault for losing the entire game, which means it's all my fault for not going out to practice and kicking some goals for her.

For certain critical people's information (you know who you are, stinkers), my son did not have a game yesterday, so I am not being biased in coverage. The soccer league apparently had mercy on us and gave us a soccer-free week, at least for the younger age group. Hey, we'll take it. His games resume this coming weekend, although I can pretty much describe it now. They'll run around like a pack after the ball, bounce the ball off each other's shins, block their own teammate's ball, and kick a ball into their own goal. It's absolutely hilarious. I'll be roaring on the sidelines the whole time.

That's it this week for another exciting edition of The Soccer Scoop. This is your sports writer in training, signing off: Go Kick Some Balls!

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