Monday, November 10, 2008

Spotty and Meltdown Days

We have a new pet. He/she is a ladybug named Spotty. Walking home from school yesterday, my oldest found him crawling near our front stoop. She immediately scooped him up, to prevent her baby brother from squishing it. Then she proceeded to run around the yard foraging for leaves, which she stuck in a little pail, Spotty's new "home." Now, whenever she goes out or comes back from anywhere, she first checks for Spotty. Yesterday he left for awhile but actually returned. Either that or he was hiding somewhere when they looked the first time. Whatever happened, it's given her hope. Just this morning, she checked and found him gone. She said,"it's okay, he'll be back, just like yesterday." We also have a "pet" spider in our tree named Max. My daughter wisely put Spotty's pail far away from Max. Of course, if anything happened to Spotty, we could always get an ant or something to replace him.


Our son's Bible lesson this weeks was about turning to God when you're having a bad day. I asked him,"can you think of a bad day you've had?"

He had no idea what I was talking about. "No, I don't have bad days."

His older sister piped up,"I can think of lots of bad days he had. Almost every day is a bad day for him. He has bad days a thousand times."


Michelle said...

I used to love rescuing ladybugs from the pool. Your kids sound charming!

Anonymous said...

I thinks it is great that Dede does not have a bad day.Means all his days are good.Very positive