Thursday, October 30, 2008

My New Year's Resolutions

Earlier this week, I assigned my daughter to write about what she wants to do and be when she grows up. I gave her some examples: does she want to be a firefighter, wear makeup, work in a zoo, etc? She put down two sentences: "I want to be a mommy. I want to be a fun mommy."

When I told her to elaborate, she added: "I want to go to the library, color and draw pictures, play with my children, pretending to be animals. Go camping in animal habitats, play games, go to the mall, throw lots of birthday parties, go trick-or-treating, give presents on Christmas (I told her we needed to save money this year and not give them Christmas presents), do art a lot, and go to the park."

So far, I have going to the library down. And also going to the park, because it is right next to the soccer field.


Anonymous said...

You also go to the mall! You're a great mommy! Where do you think she gets these ideas from if you didn't do with her at point. Life is just so hectic you don't remember anymore. Being a mommy is a lofty goal. I only hope that God will bless and give us all the chance to be parents.

Anonymous said...

Gosh her ambition is just like yours pammy. To be a stay home mom with four kids. Yup sounds like she just wanna have fun and not work.