Thursday, November 13, 2008

Someone Please Tell Me It's Just a Phase

Yesterday, while I was un-knotting his soccer cleats, my 5-year old said,"Hey, Mommy, wanna see something?"
He turned around, pulled down his pants, and mooned me.
I said,"Um-hm" in that non-reaction way hoping to discourage him from doing it again.

Later on, he goes to his older sister,"Hey, wanna see something?"
And he pulls down his pants showing her his genitals while laughing wildly.

Who, me? What did I do?

Immediately I scolded him. A couple of minutes later my younger daughter asked,"Mommy, what are you laughing about?"

The husband is convinced he saw someone else doing it, in real life or on TV. I'm not so sure. He's got an unusual and creative mind. I'm just hoping he doesn't do this at school, otherwise he's liable to get expelled for sexual harrassment or something.


Anonymous said...

Yeah knowing him, he thought it up himself. I don't know if it's creativity or just dying for some attention....

Anonymous said...

I think they all hit this phase some later than others.My little girl asked her daddy why do boys have a thingy and girls are just bushy. My husband replied "ask your mom"

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