Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Real Meaning of Boyfriend

During lunchtime this week, my oldest daughter had an interesting conversation with her classmate. I forget how, but the subject came to rest on boyfriends.

My daughter: I have boyfriends. Luke, Anthony, Jakey, Daniel... I like playing cars with my boyfriends.

Madison: No, you're not supposed to have boyfriends. You're supposed to have one boyfriend, and he's only your boyfriend if no one else is around.

Daughter: That's not true.

Jared, who happens to be sitting near them: Yeah, you're not supposed to have boyfriends.

Madison: Except if you're 11 or 12, then you can have one.

My daughter ended the conversation by going to sit next to Anthony. She told Anthony about the exchange, and Anthony said,"I don't know what Jared is talking about. He has 20 girlfriends!"

They both agreed that Madison and Jared didn't know what they were talking about, then went back to looking for bugs.


Anonymous said...

Boy are they all going to be in shock when the find out what a real boyfriend is. They're cute as this age when they're speculating though.

Anonymous said...

Your oldest daughter is just like your oldest younger sister. she can have multiple BF.better this way.