Monday, November 24, 2008

How God Slows Moms Down

I was feeling pretty thankful about my house not burning down during last week's fire when I got hit with a terrible cold. According to both my mom who is a news junkie, the extremely polluted air irritated the respiratory tract of many people, setting the stage for those darn opportunistic germs. Makes sense, it must be that and certainly not because of my poor health.

After about 5 days with this bug, including 2 days of hacking away in class (motto: must stuff as much info as possible into their heads), I finally had to take naps and go to bed early. I felt downright lazy. It was good, like being my old self again.

When my oldest and youngest caught the cold, it forced us to slow down even more. Because all of sudden there were no extracurricular classes. We were just at home resting with the baby who insisted on sitting for umpteen hours in my lap, and there's really very few things you can do with a baby in your lap.

Add to my Christmas wishlist (besides the fancy camera): laptop, and I don't mean the baby variety.

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Katie said...

But the baby variety sure keeps your lap warm on those cold winter days!