Friday, November 14, 2008

When Phases Collide

Question: what's worse than a teenager? Answer: a toddler who behaves like a teenager. That's where my younger daughter is now. She's 4 years old and recently came into her own, to put it super nicely. For the last 4 years years, she was the sweetest and quietest little girl. And then, all of a sudden, she's calling us poopoo heads and telling us every 5 minutes how she hates us. That's followed by crying/screaming capable of making one's head burst and clinging onto my leg for dear life. Then she'll completely calm down like nothing happened, and then 10 minutes later, boom, it starts all over again. Her new nickname is Jekyll/Hyde depending on the cycle she's in. Again, someone please tell me it's just a phase.

So yesterday in the car, she was in that mood again and muttered over and over again,"Hmm. I don't like nobody. Hmm. I don't like nobody..."

Her brother responded,"What? You don't like your big fat butt?"


Anonymous said...

Ignor it 5ive times and he's bound to stop. Its putting up those 5ive times thats tough.


Anonymous said...

Hey you are only starting now. My daughter been doing that for couple of months. If you ignore her,it gets worse. she clings even more if you ask me. Just put up with it.she will get tired of crying

Anonymous said...

Why would you want it to be only a phase? My daughter sounds perfect! I can just see how cute she is! You just needs more loving from her Mama.