Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Candy Plea

How about them elections? Not nearly as exciting as say, the Bush/Gore election, but still something. I'm more excited about the shift in people's attitudes than about the man himself. Suddenly, everyone is hopeful and involved, and that can only be a good thing. I'm just glad the thing is over. I can maybe go back to checking my mail regularly instead of letting it pile up till it no longer fits in our mailbox, and then bringing it in. On second hand, nah, we've still got those bills coming in.

I would like to use this opportunity instead to thank all those parents out there that handed out something besides candy, like stickers or pencils. Yes, the older kids hate you and will blackmark your house for life (which as I see it, is a perk), but the younger kids like them, their teeth like them, and most importantly, the moms love them.

Because we now have a big bag filled with candy. It's amazing how much candy 3 trick-or-treaters will generate. We even went through it and gave away everything except our favorites, and there's still too much leftover. After 3 days of munching on candy, I've realized it's easy to prevent the kids from eating the candy (just hide it up high), but it's impossible to stay away from the it myself. So someone please come and take this candy away from me. Anyone. Anyone at all. Because I can't do it myself.

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