Monday, November 17, 2008

Congratulations, Sis

The kids have a new cousin! That makes two so far. My sister had a gorgeous baby boy this weekend. My son, who visited his new cousin with me, gushed to his sister on the phone,"He is the cutest baby, even cuter than ours." Which to her is total blasphemy.

Thankfully, the hospital was way west, away from all the fires, so they didn't have to worry about that. Speaking of the fires, we're all okay. I actually spent the weekend with my parents in NE LA County, and the fires came pretty close, even hit a couple of areas in the same city. Driving there, we passed through a canyon, and saw some fires just through the window. With the hills on either side of the freeway, the smoke completely enveloped us, and we could barely see the car in front, just the bits of ashes. It was very surreal.

I know you're all dying for my Monday Soccer Scoop, but all I have to report is that we have no more soccer! Yay! This past weekend had the last games. This means no more dragging everyone to practices and games. Every time I woke up the baby from his nap and told him it was time to go to soccer, he would roll back over and groan,"nooo..."

We might pick up soccer again in the spring, especially since my daughter has developed a real love of the sport. In the mean while, we get a nice break which will be punctuated with colds and more colds. Keep kicking them balls!


Anonymous said...

Soccer moms are hot!

Anonymous said...

Cool, you deserve a break. And i think the kids could use a break too.