Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Fieldtrip

While the rest of the country was digging out their snow plows and building snowmen, we went to the beach. Not to lay out, though, which is the term we Californians use to mean "lay in the sun purposely to fry oneself." No, no, I am not that insane anymore, especially after that one incident where I fell asleep on my stomach and couldn't sit, sleep on my back, bend over, or even use the toilet afterward.

We went on a fieldtrip to the tidepools with my students. It was with a few other classes, but it was clearly not organized, since one instructor didn't show at all, and another one (the one taking roll) showed up very late. Luckily, there was one other lady who seemed to know what she was doing, unlike me. I kind of just hopped from rock to rock, said hi to a few students, and hollered at my kids. Hopefully, now my students realize why I have no time to waste on that stupid blackboard system.

One girl asked me this week,"Will you pass me if I cry?"
I said,"Are you kidding? I listen to crying all day! If you cry, I'll give you an F, even if you're passing."

Surprisingly, the fieldtrip wasn't a complete bust. There were lots of neat critters to be seen, even a seal.

There's the seal on the right side of the rock
The kids mingling with the students.
I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving.

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PoLoverLorna said...

take me back to bodega. can you believe they went to Moorea and French Polynesia for this year?!?! we were gypped!