Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank God for Answered Prayers

In her newfound independence, my younger daughter has made her first friend all by herself. She's always just tagged along her older brother and sister and their friends. My oldest daughter's friends wondered, why is this cute little girl running after us everywhere? It got so that my oldest would have to find a double-sized hiding place during hide and seek.

Her only outside friends had been the children of our best friends, who we see frequently. That was pretty much it for her social life.

Then last week, after her Bible program, she told us on the way home,"I have a new fwend. Her name is Megan. She wearing pink shirt and a pink pant. Her sister also wear pink." I asked her if Megan was nice, and she replied,"no, she wear pink." I guess that's what it takes.

Yesterday, on our way to the Bible program, she exclaimed,"yay, I get to see Megan again!" Watch out, World, here she comes.


Anonymous said...

I think she has been much better. She even interacts now with Tiff. She needs to get out more.that way she will not learn all the bad stuff from her siblings

Anonymous said...

Aw, now that's cute! Looks like she totally takes after her Mama in not liking pink. YUCK! I don't even need to meet Megan. I know she's a smart cookie.