Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ohio, Here I Come

I thought this election would be exciting, but this is turning out to be the most boring ever. I mean, is there even a contest? Seems like Obama's got it all wrapped up, especially here in California. There's almost no point to voting here because we all know how it will turn out. There are too many liberals here to have any other result.

Even the introduction of an interesting VP candidate has fizzled. Once she opened her mouth, that was it. These days all she's good for is elevating Tina Fey's star. Of course I still like her because she had the guts to go for 5 kids and become governor, which believe me, is more than any man could ever handle. Now that I have some taste of all the juggling that must entail, I have more respect for her. Afraid she can't deal with obstinate world leaders? Hey, she's got 5 kids. Afraid she can't work on both domestic and foreign issues? She's a mom (=multi-tasker). Afraid she won't know how to answer the emergency call at 3 am? She'll be the only one awake to answer it at all. So her main qualification is surviving and thriving with 5 kids. You try it and tell me that's not enough.

Still, it would be nice if there was some sort of tension in this race, and not just felt by McCain or Palin. Makes me want to move to a swing state.

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