Thursday, October 2, 2008

Owl in Training

Every night when we go to sleep, the baby throws one book upon another on our bed. When every single kiddie book in the vicinity is on our bed, he climbs up and "reads" through each and every one before tossing it on the floor.

Disclaimer: Yes, he still sleeps with us even though we tried to stick him a crib. All he did was play in the crib until he got tired and then screamed for us. Besides, he is our last baby, and if he wants to hold on a little longer to Mommy and Daddy, then so be it.

Disclaimer 2: Okay, he goes to bed pretty late, at the same time that we do, actually. He's watched me go to bed almost every night with a book, so that's where he got his bright idea. At least he doesn't get up at the crack of dawn (super duper major perk of not working in the morning). He gets up at a reasonable hour (you wouldn't believe how reasonable) so that if he and his siblings are restless in the morning, we can go out and do stuff, instead of just sitting at home from 5 am to 9 am. We are still trying to up their bedtime, but it's hard for two people who used to eat dinner to Jay Leno. Yes, that's his daddy who fell asleep before him. Besides learning to read,
he's also training his daddy to be the heaviest sleeper ever.

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Anonymous said...

You should spank him for good measure. :)