Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Demanding Work

The stress of teaching only two classes is more than I thought it would be. Because this is my first semester back, I'm spending more time than I'd like on preparation. Even when I'm not actively doing something to prepare for it, I'm mentally going through my checklist of what I still have to do. Like now, for example, it's floating around in my head that I have to make up a quiz for my lab, go over my lab lecture because I'm getting evaluated this week, decide whether or not to have a pop quiz for the other class, and make up that quiz. Also double-check my powerpoint slides. I miss having an empty head with no pressing thoughts.

My students are getting more demanding, too. They want office hours, which I gave up after realizing only one student ever shows up the entire semester, and only to pump me for exam information. Thanks to the wonder of the internet, I have email, which I thought would be enough for answering any confusing questions. But these people don't even know what they're confused about. I can't just ignore them, either, especially the old lady who's come back to school after 12 years, the Latina lady who doesn't speak English that well, or the young girl who's rethinking being a biology major after doing badly on my exam. So I might just have them show up on the soccer field because who knows when else I have the time.

I'll be starting another class soon, an 8-week one that meets double the amount of time that a regular class does (because a regular one is 16 weeks). The guy who was supposed to teach it dropped out at the last minute, so thanks to my light schedule, I got recruited. I'm hoping it to be a lot easier because I have everything all set up. I tell myself it's only 8 weeks.

One thing is for sure: God provides everything we need. The timing of the economic crisis with me getting a job is definitely not a coincidence. He set up my situation months ago before this whole economic catastrophe. He knew what would happen, and He knew what we needed. He's amazing that way.

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