Monday, October 6, 2008

Quote of the Week

This is a picture of my friend's new baby. With this little guy, she joined the elite club of being mom to 4 kids, otherwise known as the Functionally Insane Club. It was either that or the Oopsies (as in Oops We Did It Again).

When I visited him in the hospital, he was completely wide-eyed, so unlike other newborns. He's only a week old and already sleeping 4 hours a stretch at night and 6 hours during the day, which is what a normal 3 or 4 month old does.

I wouldn't be surprised by anything this little guy does, though, because he was conceived after his father had a vasectomy (yes it is his). My friend's pregnancy was a shock to everyone, especially to the doctor who performed the vasectomy and did the follow-up 6 months later. We are all still puzzled as to what happened to the guy's anatomy. The moral of this story is to not be surprised if you should find yourself pregnant. Also not to tell your husband this story, otherwise he will say,"What's the point of getting a vasectomy? It doesn't even work!"

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