Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just Another Quake

So how'd everyone do with the earthquake? It was a good one, strong enough so that we all felt it but not so strong that any serious damage was incurred. It was a warning one, just to remind us that we still live near a fault and need to strap our stuff down. I know of certain family members who panicked, but we were just confused and then went right back to watching TV. Here's one time when the hypnotic effects of TV was useful.

This is what I did exactly during the earthquake. I stood up, looked around, and grabbed my baby's hand to drag him over to the kitchen doorway. He, in turn, dug his heels in and screamed no because I had interrupted his play. While I was dragging him and telling the other kids to follow, the quake ended.

So I'm thinking about the next time. For example, we cannot all fit under the table. Also how do I make them stay under the table. I'm not sure about that table anyway because it's pretty old. Stuff to talk about at our next family meeting. Yay, fun.

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