Monday, July 28, 2008

To Jerk

Dear Jerk from the movie theater,

You really put a glitch in what was otherwise a lovely movie and time for us the other day. My kids had looked forward to seeing Prince Caspian for ages. We read the book, waited till it finished running in the regular theaters, until finally it was here at the Dollar Theater.

So what if my baby touched your shoulder ever so slightly while he was sitting on my lap? Even after you turned around and saw that it was just a baby, did you have to say so rudely,"tell him not to touch me anymore"? Now normally I am the queen of apologies. My husband has scolded me about how often I apologize over nothing. So lemme tell you, if I thought that little brush was anything, anything at all, I would have apologized. I didn't, because it never entered in my head that it was due. But hey, you got what you wanted, I told the baby not to touch you again. Don't know how much he understood, considering he's a baby and all, but I figured that was your problem.

Then you had to rear your head again to tell shush my kids. Not just regular shushing which I could understand but obnoxiously rude shushing. For your information, no, we do not want to step out and fight. What do we look like: teenagers on steroids or psychos like you?

So here's the deal, Jack. Prince Caspian is a children's story. It's rated PG. If you can't handle being in a theater full of kids and all the disruptions that come with it, you need to wait for the dvd and watch it in your own home. Either that or go to an R flick instead. Or, duh, just move to another seat. Do yourself and everyone else a favor.

My kids weren't even that bad. The baby didn't cry a single time. Did you see the kids throwing the tantrums? Or all the other kids coming and going all the time blocking our view?

Shame on you. Shame on you for behaving the way you did in front of your two young sons. For their sakes at least, you need to seriously go to anger management therapy. Meanwhile, stay out of Kung Fu Panda.

I am Mommy. Hear me roar.

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Lina said...

I found this site called maybe you can use it. It seems to help get me through the issues of dealing with some of the jerks I know. At least I can vent about these jerks, plus I get a kick out of sending them some cards.