Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Doctor Disappointment

I'm walking around the house moping right now. Of course the reason is related to the kids. When everything is well with them, I'm at my happiest. When the littlest thing is wrong with them, I get upset. And right now, I'm depressed.

That's because I took two of the kids to the doctor this morning for their physicals. My son went first and got a battery of shots for kindergarten. I had to hold him down while he tried to kick and hit the nurse. That wasn't so bad. The doctor said he's healthy all-around.

When the doctor came back to examine my daughter, however, he noticed how my son was bouncing off the walls, touching one thing after another, yelling at the top of his voice, and not listening to me. So he suggested another appointment with me, a behavioral appointment which will last an hour long. Uh-oh, said my gut.

The uh-oh feeling continued when he started my daughter's examination, telling me right away that she is overweight, that the whole family needs to attend some nutrition class. He gave me this whole spiel about healthy eating, and I'm thinking, yes I know, we've been trying. We've been careful so that we're not starving the other kids and depriving them too much. We've also been sensitive to not give our girl a hang-up about her eating, but I guess it hasn't worked very well.

We have no choice but to get serious about this problem. This means no more junk food for the whole family, no more letting them get away with eating no veggies, no more listening to well-meaning but ignorant family members, and no more trying to pretend like she doesn't have this issue to deal with.

As for my son, I don't know what to think even. I don't want an ADD diagnosis or the drugs that come along with it. On the other hand, it's a relief to me that it's not just me, that it's a real and official problem. Because I'm tired of hearing, he just needs more attention, love, affection. What the heck do people think he's been getting?

My husband, whom I had to call in my low moment, said that the doctor hasn't really told us anything we don't know. Yes, but now it's official. Now the problems are not just a phase or imagined. They're real.


PoLoverLorna said...

you're doing a great job as a parent, so don't be disappointed. and it's good that you're tackling these 'issues' as a family - that's what will make you all stronger in the end, but mentally and physically. you're an awesome mom and don't forget it!

Fearless Mom said...

thanx, babe, i'll keep you updated.