Tuesday, July 8, 2008

10 Things

We watched a movie called Because of Winn-Dixie this weekend. I'm not too keen on the "owning-dog-saves-all" theme because I can personally vouch that owning a dog does not solve a single problem but in fact creates many that you never dreamed of. My fear is that my kids will one day believe this oft perpetuated idea and start begging for another dog. In which case I want to leave a note to myself right here: if you're even considering it, slap yourself.

Anyhow, the movie had this part where the dad told his daughter about her mom (who left them when she was young) in 10 short points. Got me thinking what my 10 things would be.

1. I love humor (this was true of the movie mom). I love stupid humor, smart wit, satire, and even sarcasm. My favorite funny people are my husband, dad, and Dave Barry.

2. I can't cook. This was also true of the girl's mother. I believe the dad's words were that she would burn water. I'm not that bad, but I have to admit, everything I make either involves either the microwave or boiling water.

3. I love to read. Can't live without it. I'm good and fast at doing it.

4. I always root for the underdog. Because I've always been one.

5. I'm not at all fashionable. I wear the same few clothes because they're my favorites, and I almost never wear make up. Thank goodness I already have a man, who is not a metrosexual.

6. I hated growing up in Texas. It was hard being rejected during the time when I most needed peer acceptance. I would've done a lot better there if I was Caucasian.

7. I have a lot of moles. That's the first thing you would notice about me, probably.

8. I am the studious one in my family. As opposed to the sister who is the naturally smart and athletic one and my other sister who is the pretty but not so smart one.

9. I think I have a pretty good amount of common sense, which is actually not that common.

10. I love my kids more than anything and would never in a million years leave them.

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