Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When It Rains

Today I took my 4 year old girl to get her speech assessed. We don't know all the results yet, but the assessor told me that she definitely needs speech therapy.

She actually did really well, sat patiently through the whole 2 hours answering questions. If it had been my son, he would have gone crazy after the first half hour. She's had delayed speech for quite awhile now and has actually improved a great deal since Kevin's started working with her on phonics. But apparently not enough.

Since we're going through the school district, it'll be another month before they come up with individual plan for her. After that, she'll go to a special preschool a few times a week depending on her need.

I'm just lucky the baby doesn't have to see a doctor this week. I am never going to schedule a bunch of appointments together like this again. Since Monday, we've learned that Kevin has one cavity, our older son has two cavities and possible behavioral problems, our older daughter is overweight, and our younger daughter needs speech therapy. And it's only Wednesday.

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