Friday, August 1, 2008

The Beginning of the End

It's August. Yes, already. August is the yellow light when it comes to summer vacation fun. Except for me it's pretty much a red light since I run yellows. Time to get ready for school, which wouldn't be so bad even with two kids going this year, but one will be mostly homeschooled, which means I have to start ordering books now. I have to look through a gazillion possibilities but only online because libraries and bookstores don't carry them. After days of agonizing over the decision because I am that kind of person, I will finally choose the books, only to find out one month down the road that my daughter hates them. So then I will begin the process all over.

Meanwhile, I am getting ready for my own school. I will be teaching one biology class, and I certainly don't want to appear as clueless as I did the last time I went back to teaching (is this Biology 100?). So I have to start planning now, stuffing all that knowledge back in my head. I don't know if my decreasing brain cells can hold it. Therefore forgive me if I forget your birthday, phone number, or that I was supposed to do something for you.

I'm also getting ready for my younger daughter's speech therapy, by tracking down her records to forward. Also by a long meeting with my experienced friend who says I gotta prepare and come across hard with the people because the school district likes to give the minimum possible help and sometimes not even that. Thanks to having four kids, coming down hard is something I can do very well (see letter to Jerk).

I musn't forget the book-thick stack of papers I have to fill out for my son's ADHD evaluation. The good news is the evaluation is not done yet. The bad news is it's not done yet.

Just to make life more interesting, all the extracurricular stuff starts at the same time. That means soccer and dance registrations. Not to mention Tuesday night and/or Wednesday morning bible studies for the kids.

So what in the world am I doing blogging? Procrastinating, that's what.

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