Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Stinker

Today is my youngest sister's birthday. You know, the one who is athletic and naturally smart. She who put no effort whatsoever into studying and yet managed to get decent grades. She who surfs, bikes, snowboards, golfs, motorbikes, and scuba dives. She who just got married about 2 months ago. I was a little disappointed that she wouldn't be living with us in her spinsterhood. I had the room all set aside for her and everything.

She's not just my sister though; she's my best bud. Under normal circumstances, she can be a real nuisance with her incessant pessimism and criticism. But during times of crises, she's the first one there and the last one out. She's like beer or sushi: you may not be too crazy about her at first, but with time you love her to death. Hey, Birthday Girl, you know I would love to get you something extravagant (what, I can't imagine) but all you get is this blog post! P.S. Don't forget I was the first to wish you. because this counts!

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