Thursday, January 15, 2009

Student of the Week

It's official. I have lost all my brain cells. I've been sitting here staring blankly at the screen for I don't know how long now. Fortunately, the area is cluttered with many papers, including the Student of the Week project description that my son just completed for his kindergarten class. He had to paste a bunch of pictures and information about himself on a poster board to share with his class.

Everything I learned, I learned in kindergarten, right?

My name is: Mommy (aka. Pam, Fearless Mom on good days)
I am proud of myself for: hardly ever buying anything frivolous for myself
Something I like about myself is: my ability to empathize sometimes
My goal for the future is: to travel a lot
My favorite thing about school is: bonding with the kids


Mama Kat said...

I think you should buy something frivolous for yourself and forget the whole "proud" thing. Over rated. ;)

Chris said...

That happens to me a lot too. So let me help you out. Here is your letter for your 10 things list. I pick for you the letter T. Good luck with the post. Let me know when you post it so I don't miss it.