Tuesday, January 20, 2009

List of 10

Over at What's in Sissy's Head, Chris challenged us to come up with 10 favorite things that begin with a certain letter. Mine was T. Here, belatedly (because us moms are like the government - we take off every holiday that we can), is my 10 favorite things starting with T:

1. Favorite soy product - tofu
2. Favorite day- tomorrow
3. Favorite niece - Tiffany
4. Favorite drink - tea
5. Favorite character on Fantasy Island - Tattoo
6. Favorite thing to read - tabloids
7. Favorite number -ten
8. Favorite amphibian - Surinam toad
9. Favorite circus act - trapeze
10. Favorite author - Twain

Hmm...maybe I should do this for the other letters too.


Lady Christie said...

You won a blog award!! Go to my blog to pick it up. http://ladychristie.blogspot.com/

Veronica Lee said...

I remember Tattoo !

Kelli said...

That Fantasy Island question would be really tough if you didn't have the letter R or T!

Chris said...

I used to love Fantasy Island. Tattoo was great! "De Plane Boss De Plane!"

Helene said...

I remember Tatoo!! I used to love the show Fantasy Island!! The plane, the plane!!!

I need to find some good recipes using tofu...do you have any good ones to share?

Cascia said...

That's a very interesting meme thank you for sharing!

PoLoverLorna said...

recipes?!?! fearless mom doesn't cook! and if she did, it wouldn't be asian cuisine.