Friday, January 16, 2009

The Best and the Worst

Best thing about having 4 kids: it's never boring
Worst: 10 years of diapers

Best thing about living in Southern California: it's going to be 78 degrees today
Worst: flip flops everywhere, all the time

Best thing about having daughters: the cute outfits and hairdos
Worst: the boyfriends

Best thing about having sons: finally learning something about males
Worst: their nonstop running, jumping, and climbing

Best thing about the new James Bond: the blueness of his eyes (is it computer enhanced or what)
Worst: that creepy and fake smirk

Best thing about blogging: realizing you had thoughts you never knew you had
Worst: realizing that your life is the most boring ever


Morgan said...

Ooooh... 78 degrees where you are? I'm looking out the window at snow at the moment, but at least the sun is shining. It was a whopping 15 degrees last I checked, which is still way better than the -5 we had a day ago.

With boys, don't forget their love for jumping off of things and doing things that you know are eventually going to lead to taking them to the hospital. Rare is a moment in my home when I'm not just waiting for someone to get hurt somehow.

Jean Stockdale said...

In Memphis it is 15 degrees. Enjoy your 78 degrees! Blessings.

Helene said...

Oh, I'm totally with ya on this weather!! I'm in Northern CA and it's in the high 60's today and we're all wearing short-sleeved shirts!! It's SO nice! I took the kids on a walk this morning and we were all actually sweating a little bit!

Boys are mischievous, aren't they? Like Morgan said, I'm always on alert because I know someone is bound to get hurt at least once a day.

Sheri said...

I could handle flip flops all the time! Anything but coats and gloves, please.

We were looking at pictures of my youngest son when he was between 3-6 years old. In almost every picture, he has at least 1 or 2 bandaids, beause he was so rowdy he was always falling or scraping himself on something. Gotta love boys!

Chris said...

I agree with you on the diapers being the worst! And I am a mom of 2 bosy so I am with you on the best and worst there too.