Thursday, June 12, 2008

No More School

Last week was our last week of school for this year. Instead of ending it on a high and fun note with yearbook signings and popsicles, I ended it by losing my temper and yelling at my girl when she couldn't get what I thought was a very basic and easy concept. My daughter excels in a lot of her academics, so I have a high expectation of her to learn everything quickly. When she doesn't, I just can't believe it. I think, she's just not concentrating. Or she's just being lazy. I forget that my little 7 year old has her weaknesses too. She's only almost perfect.

I've learned my lesson, at least until the next time I mess up. Thankfully, my daughter is very forgiving. Also, thankfully we had ice cream, cookies, and chocolate in the house which beats a plain old popsicle any day.

So summer vacation is officially here. Yay! This week we plan to decompress and do nothing. Yay! Then after all that rest I can make the kids do our spring cleaning which is otherwise known as the Big Clothing, Toys, and Garage Stuff Throw-out. After that, we have a busy week of Vacation Bible School at church, followed by more needed decompressing. Yay! Beyond that I have no clue. It's on our agenda for the next family meeting.

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