Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Girls' Day Out

This past weekend, I spent a whole day with girlfriends. It was like stepping into another world: no kids, no husbands, no house, no responsibilities. We had lunch for two hours, then stood around for another half an hour or so saying good-bye. I am amazed that we have so much to say to each other. We hadn't seen each other for a few months, and we did a good job of catching up on everything from our jobs to our clothes and mothers-in-law. We talked about things that annoy us and then we all laughed about them.

After lunch, we went karaoking (is that a verb?). It was my first time ever. Just goes to show, you can have new kinds of fun with old friends, it never gets boring. Now, I can officially rule out dreams of being on American Idol. Actually, I could get on it if I wanted to be like that terrible Vietnamese guy who people liked only out of pity (what was his name?). Not to worry, though, according to my friends, I still have a good shot at my 15 minutes of fame by getting on What's in Her Closet (something like that) or any other makeover show.

You'd think our day would be done after that, but nope, I had dinner had my friend's house, where we looked at her wedding album (made me want to get married again) and some old albums from much younger days. We concluded that we (me at least) had sorry taste in hair and men back then. Hey, wait a minute, my hair looks pretty much the same!

We just talked and talked. Even after 10, which is late for us moms, we were still yakking, although in my defense, I did inject a few "I have to go"s in there. Between the karaoke and all the talking, my voice was done for (the kids would like to say a special thanks here). Thanks to my husband for capably taking care of the kids the whole day - I didn't worry once about them. And thanks to u-no-who (Voldemort?) for putting up with me for the whole day. Next time we have to do it with the guys as well. How else am I supposed to be able to call your hubby on the phone like mine calls you?

So that was my big date. I came home fairly late and went to sleep right away. In hindsight, maybe I shouldn't have gone the day right before Father's Day, because certain preparations got...postponed because I was not here to take care of them. I thought I would be gone only a few hours. Don't know what I was thinking.

The moral of this story is: thank goodness for girlfriends!

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