Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Girl

Today my youngest daughter turned 4. As usual, I have a lot of mixed feelings that I'm not sure I know how to express. I'm sad that she's growing up (one year makes a big difference at her age), and I'm also proud of the girl she's growing into. It's tough being the third child, squashed in between two rambunctious brothers. For the longest time, she would just follow her older brother and sister, copying whatever they did. Lately, she's come into her own, developing quite the personality. I hope she continues on her own path.

She's already opened quite a few gifts today. Later on, we will go through her baby pictures, telling the story that goes with each picture. I get to relate the pain and joy of her birth, while her daddy will tell her what her favorite baby foods and words were. We'll have cake, ice cream, etc.

I may not be completely pleased that she's growing up, but I'm 100% glad that she's ours.

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