Monday, June 16, 2008


Speaking of birthdays...What is your favorite gift-getting style? Do you like to be completely surprised with a gift? Or would you prefer to get something that you've asked for? I've gotten both kinds of gifts, and I love them all.

Before we had kids, we asked God for a baby, a healthy baby. I even secretly prayed for a girl. And for her to be beautiful to shut up all the people who said our "mix" would not be attractive. Man, did God answer those prayers, even the ones I told Him He didn't have to.

He did it again for our second one, a boy.

Our third baby was like someone giving me the exact present that I wanted - except early! We were going to wait until the first two were older before we dared again, but we thought, at least we don't have to flip-flop over that decision anymore.

Then the fourth one came. He was the birthday gift that I'd never even considered... and it wasn't even my birthday! I now understand why people hate surprises. I also understand why people think surprises are the greatest.

That's how good God is. Not only has He gifted me with much, but He's given it to me in a
variety of ways.

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