Friday, June 13, 2008

Birthday Wish List

My little girl is turning 4 on Wednesday (sniff sniff). People have been asking what she would like for her birthday. That's a tough one. She has hand-me-down clothing and shoes from her older sister, Barbies and other girl toys from her sister, and loads of boy toys from her two brothers. She doesn't really need anymore of these, but what else is there? We also have a ton of books, both our own and from the library.

The things I would love her to have are dance lessons and martial arts lessons (for defense against her older brother), but no one wants to get her something that costly and intangible. Would it be terrible just to set up a fund for her and have people contribute to it? I can see how some people would consider that tacky, but what else do you get a girl who already has everything?

She's obsessed with dog and cat stuff but has been for awhile, so she's got quite a bit of those things. The only things I can think of are these:

lunch box (with cat or dog theme)
backpack (with cat or dog theme)
dog or cat coloring books
Crayola paints that only show up on special paper
swim toys
twin mattress

Okay I hope that helps.

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PoLoverLorna said...

isn't she turning 4 NEXT wednesday?!?!? you confused me b/c i thought, is MY birthday coming up tomorrow?!??! june 25th seems to be the preferred birthday of charming, smart and witty girls =)