Monday, April 6, 2009

My Daughter Says Hola

I know there will be much disappointment, but I have no soccer update for today (awww). Our game was cancelled without notice because we had no referee signed up. It's just as well, though, because my daughter would've missed it anyway.

Instead, she went with her dad on her first outreach trip. They went to Mexico to help out at a children's home. The trip was organized by our church, who visit monthly. Everyone travelled down and back in a chartered bus, with an actual bathroom on board, which came in handy since my daughter got sick and threw up on the way down.

The children's home they went to is a temporary and sometimes permanent place for kids who were abused and/or abandoned by their parents. It's a well run farm in a small town with loving caretakers. The place is small but self-sufficient. The kids go to school daily and work around the home. My daughter says,"they are poor but very happy."
During this trip, the group threw an Easter party for the kids. So my daughter and husband helped with the food, Easter eggs, games, etc. Although the intention was for my daughter to "help out," I think it was more fun than anything else. We want her to eventually see how the rest of the world is, and this was a good start. Already she's clamoring to go back.

I have to wonder though. How much good is it really for a bunch of well-off people to ride down once a month to play with some disadvantaged kids? Do they scoff at us behind our backs, laughing at our do-good attempts? Do the children feel worse when they see our kids with loving parents?

At least the children benefit from the church's monthly donations of money, food, and other supplies. I hope they're also better for knowing that the world is a caring place, not cruel as their parents may have taught them.

For us, of course, the trip was invaluable. We hope that these experiences will shape our children's heart. Even as people continue to scoff at us.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope they receive value out of it as well. :)

Six Feet Under Blog said...

How nice to see people doing good for others!