Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Thoughts

1. The other day, I was griping to my mother-in-law about my crazy schedule. I told her that I overdid things this semester by taking on too much at work. Her response: yes, it's too much for Kevin to take care of all the kids that much by himself. Thanks for the sympathy, Mom.

2. We love our charter school for many reasons but most especially because we get to go on cheap or free field trips. Sea World was $5.75 per person, and the Wild Animal Park was $4 per adult. Sure we had to take off from work and take the children out of school, but these are must-go kind of prices.

3. Our son has started reading all his assignments backwards. Either he is bored with his reading assignment or his mind works backwards. I hope it's the former.

4. I'm taking this week off from the blog, along with the kids. So far, it's been a thrilling spring break: I got sick and put a total damper on the hubby's birthday and Easter, and now the kids are all sick as well. Hope your spring break is much better!


Jennifer said...

I hope you're enjoying your spring break!

PoLoverLorna said...

every mother will defend her own child over anyone else so don't take it personally, tho i'm sure it's hard. luckily, my mother-in-law joins me when i tease my husband about his large head. haha.

Betty said...

Hang in there, things get kinda crazy over on my end too and my mother in law does the same to me lol!

Everything will work out, you'll see. I hope your kids are feeling better. :)