Friday, April 3, 2009

A Toddler's To Do at Sea World

Watch dolphins frolic from the perfect vantage.

Horn in every picture and steal it.

Walk every curb in the park without fear of cars.

Attempt to climb the playground net, then just relax while Daddy carries you up.

Lead siblings through tunnel by screaming and crying which way to go.

Rest head for a bit while continuing to look at animals. Reject comfy stroller at all times.

Sit on Mommy's lap during 3-D show. Block Mommy from water by getting squirted in the face with jets.

Marvel at how big and incredible the world is.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Found you through BLOGher, what a cute post! I love looking at the animals too!

Anonymous said...

this is so much better. I like to look at all the pics of the kids. They look so much more behaved then they really are in pic. Baby is getting more handsome everyday. Must not take after his daddy