Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Back...Sort Of

I'm back, just to say that spring break is way too short. They really ought to extend it by a week, especially since we were sick for half of it. I don't know if it's just me, though, because some of my friends were dying for the break to end. Their kids were running them ragged. I'm just more used to the craziness, since my kids are home more than other kids.

Gee, there's so much that's happened that I've forgotten it all.

I do know that I'm insane to be sitting here typing instead of snuggling with my baby in bed. So what if he's over 2 years old, he still sleeps with us. Not only that but he specifically has to fall asleep right on top of me, before he shuffles over to his own pillow, pressed up against me. Early in the morning, he'll open his eyes sleepily, smile at me, and say,"hi Mommy" before going back to sleep. If I'm not there, he'll start whining for me right away. He forces me to get extra sleep that way.

When he wakes up, he slams the door closed at everyone except me. I'm enjoying all this while I can, before he wakes up one day and realizes that he wants nothing to do with me.

Yup, he's our baby, all right, especially since that's his nickname. If you were to ask him what his name is, he would say,"Baby." I'm running an experiment to see how long he can go as "Baby." Maybe one day someone will be able to say about him,"No one puts Baby in the corner." Yes, a worthy thing for a mother to strive for.

Clearly I need the extra sleep, so good night.


Jennifer said...

LOL! Very cute! I'm sorry you guys were sick for part of your vacation. I hope you are feeling better and got to enjoy some of it!

Michelle said...

YES, that would be so funny.

BOTH my babies sleep with me. My little guy is EXACTLY like that. Has to be right ON TOP of me...if he wakes and we arent touching he finds me. If he can't find me I must immediately start holding him.

Despite what people say, my co sleepers can put themselves back to sleep just fine. I don't get it. Why make them do it when they are only a few months old? WHy not wait until they are developmentally ready?