Wednesday, February 11, 2009

They Really Like Me

I finally got rated as an instructor. My ex-student gave me a maximum of 5 for clarity, helpfulness, and overall quality. She also gave me a 2 for easiness, meaning I'm not. I'm glad. That will keep those lazy students away. Nothing worse than having to grade all their gibberish, only for them to drop later on. I'd rather they just not enroll and save me some time. Here are my student's exact words:

She's an awesome teacher! Attendance is not mandatory in her class but if you want to pass with an A or a B, you HAVE to attend because her tests are based on her lectures. She's extremely helpful if you're lost and she goes the extra step to help you understand the material. Would wanna take her for all my bio classes if she taught them!

She's sweet, isn't she? I know precisely who this student is. Her name is Lara, and she was my pet student last semester. My "extra help" consisted of chatting with her after class. I have no false illusions; I know that soon the negative reviews will be rolling in. The flunked students would have sent them in already, except they're too lazy to do it. Still, it's nice to know that someone out there likes me.


beccad said...

Thank you.

Veronica Lee said...

I love the new look of your blog. It rocks! Hey, I like you too!

Chris said...

I love your new blog look.
I bet that made you feel good. Everybody needs some positive feedback now and then.

Cascia said...

Good for you! Keep it up. I love your blog, by the way.