Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cult of the Knitters

It's been two weeks now since the conference but I'm not done sharing about it. I haven't even mentioned the uniqueness of the setting. Like how cool it was to be surrounded not just by homeschoolers but God-loving homeschoolers. Out of the 500 or so attendees there, nobody was interested in training their kids for spelling bees or early college admission. And no one was homeschooling so that their kids could pursue " the business," which here in Socal means showbiz.

In fact, when the main speaker mentioned her reaction to her son going to film school, we all groaned sympathetically with her. Only at these conferences could you meet a group of moms who have no interest in sending their kids off to talent or modeling agencies and who -gasp- have no interest in it themselves. We may live in the midst of those crazy OC housewives, Laguna Beach teenagers, and other Lynn Spears wannabes, but we will not sell our souls nor our children's, not even for $20 million!

Okay, I did learn a valuable lesson from that segment of the conference. I now realize that I shouldn't disown my kids should they decide to go into showbiz or politics. I wouldn't even be surprised if that happens because really, those are the last wastelands on earth. If Jesus came to minister to the prostitutes and tax collectors, who am I to prevent anyone from doing the same. I do have a contingency plan if that happens though: I will be on my knees the rest of my life praying.

Also, at the conference, I did not receive a single incredulous expression or statement when I shared how many kids I have. The other moms just nodded (yes, that's nice) and shared about their three, four, or more kids. You want to homeschool all of them? Big whoop. Just this makes the conference worth all the trouble.

Finally, where else could you find a bunch of women listening to someone while knitting at the same time (do people still knit)? No wonder women come back year after year, so that they can finally finish the sweater they've been working on for ages. I know it's past time I started a scarf, which is why I can hardly wait till the next conference.

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Anonymous said...

Who are you kidding? We'll all be on our knees for the rest of our lives praying for our children no matter what they do. LOL